At Camilla Pihl Fashion Group AS we work with a handful of carefully selected suppliers and believe that increased transparency throughout the supply chain plays an important role toward a more sustainable production. All our suppliers are required to comply with Camilla Pihl Fashion Group AS Code of Conduct, to ensure quality and fair conditions in every step of the process.


Camilla Pihl Fashion Group AS Code of Conduct 


Camilla Pihl Fashion group has production distributed over several countries; China, India, Turkey, and Portugal. For us, it is important to find good partners who are specialists in the product we want to produce. There are several factors that are taken into account when choosing a supplier. For us at Camilla Pihl Fashion Group, it is important to ensure responsible working conditions at the factories we work with. This also applies to the collection of information and follow-up by our subcontractors. Going forward, we will report annually on our work in this area as we recently became a member of Ethical Trade to strengthen our competence in our work and communication with our producers.


Camilla Pihl Fashion Group has drawn up a policy that lays the foundation for our work related to human rights and working conditions at the factories we work with. We also have a supplier code of conduct, which all our suppliers undertake to follow. This has been created based on the same framework as our policy and is a document that describes our requirements and expectations when we enter into a collaboration. When we enter into collaboration with new factories, it is important that they meet our requirements and we therefore always ask for condition reports, certificates, and information about the factory so that we can carry out an internal risk analysis before entering into a collaboration. On our website, all factories and production countries are listed per product. We want to be open with customers and partners so that you know where our products are made.


Camilla Pihl Fashion Group Guidelines for Suppliers