FAQ & Answers


How do I return something?

For Norwegian customers go to this page.

Simply follow these 4 steps in our return procedure:

1. Find your order using your order number and email address.
2. Add Select the items you’re returning and the reasons for return.
3. Select shipping option «Bring».
4. Print your return label.

For international orders please contact with your order number, the items you like to return, and the reason for return. We will then send you your DHL shipping label with the right custom clearance documents.

Please note the following:

- All purchases made online on must be returned back to our warehouse. We will not accept online purchases to be returned in any physical store.

- Please note that If you do not follow our return instructions we cannot guarantee that your return will be received at our warehouse. Only returns received at our warehouse can be refunded.

- When you drop off your package at the post office, we highly recommend you keep the tracking number and proof of postage for further reference.

The email doesn’t match my order, what do I do?

If the error message «the email doesn’t match the order number» comes up, meaning that you might have registered your order on a different email address. Try to type in another email address you might use, maybe a work email or an old email. If this doesn’t work, it might happen that you have spelled your email wrong. Please contact and we will assist you.

Can I return products in the Camilla Pihl Store?

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns bought online returned in-store, and you will have to return your item(s) through our return page

Do you offer free return?

We cover your return costs within Norway, our return labels are pre-paid and the return is free, except for items on sale.
We do not offer free returns during the sale period. And a shipping fee of 99,- NOK (Within Norway) will be added to your invoice when refunding the return.

For international returns, the return fee is 25 EURO/250 SEK. This includes shipping and handling, customs, and VAT Fees.

Can I exchange my product for a different size or color?

To exchange your product, simply follow the steps to make a return, and then place a new order of your desired product/size.

Unfortunately, we do not have a smoother system for exchange today, but we are working on this for the future.

Remember to let Klarna know that you are returning something from your order, to stop your invoice from reaching its due date to avoid late fees from Klarna.

You can exchange your items for a different size or color at no extra charge. To get free shipping cost on your exchange simply contact with your order number and we will help you.

Please note that for environmental reasons we only offer free exchange once per customer.

Can I return more than one order in the same package?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept separate orders in the same return package because each return slip is linked to a specific order number in our system. Should you merge separate orders into the same return package, we cannot guarantee you a proper refund for the garments you have returned.

What should I do if I don’t have a printer to print out a return label?

If you do not have access to a printer, please contact who will happily help you.

How long does a return take to process?

Our return process can take up to 14 days after we have received the return! If you see on the tracking that the package has already reached us, don´t worry! We haven´t forgotten about you and your return will still be processed and refunded within 14 days.

Thanks in advance for your patience ❤

When will I receive my refund?

Klarna will refund your money as soon as we have received and processed your return at our warehouse. This can take up to 14 working days after we have recieved your return. When we have processed your return it takes up to 1-5 working days for the money to appear in your bank account.

Please note that in some cases, for example during holiday or sale seasons, it might take a few more days for your return to be received and processed. If you have not received your refund after 14 working days, please contact our customer care team, for assistance.

When will my Klarna Invoice be updated?

We will correct your invoice as soon as we have processed your return, and an updated payment request will be sent from Klarna. This process can take up to 24 hours from your return has been processed to your new invoice being updated.

When choosing payment with an invoice, you are responsible to follow Klarna’s terms and conditions and it is your responsibility to “freeze” your invoice in Klarna if you are returning your product. This will stop your invoice from reaching its due date. If you do not freeze the invoice in Klarna, you run the risk of being charged a “late payment fee” from Klarna.


When can I expect my order?

In normal circumstances, we would like to have your order shipped/handed over to Bring/DHL within 24 hours from your order was placed.
Delivery time should then be within 1-3 working days after your order is dispatched from our warehouse, depending on your location.

However, in periods of high demand as in our sales period, shipping and delivery might exceed normal expectations, and we hope you understand.

I have not received a order confirmation?

Order confirmations should be sent to your email address just a few minutes after you have placed your order.
In some cases, the order confirmation is filtered out and sorted into your spam/trash folder in your mailbox. So please take a quick peek at any Trash/spam filters in your mail.

If you do not receive an order confirmation and do not have an order number. You can contact us at and ask us to send you the order confirmation, please leave your name and the email address you used to place your order, so we can easily help you out.

My order is canceled, why?

If your order was canceled, this is usually due to low stock levels, or a warehouse error during packing.

The items you have ordered may have been very popular and it is possible that an item sold out just before you placed the order. In rare cases, the stock cannot be updated in our system in time and the item will be canceled. We are so sorry for this.

In most cases, we will try to reimburse you and find a solution with another available size, product, or color.
If your order is canceled, you will receive an email that confirms the cancellation of your order and the refund will be issued at the same time.

The refund should appear back in your account in 1-5 business days.

My order is late

1. If you have not received a tracking link from Bring/DHL, the package is probably in the queue to be processed for shipping at our warehouse. Our goal is to dispatch the order within 24 hours (on normal working days), but in some instances, it might be a little longer, especially in periods of high demand, like sales periods or releases of new products. So please have this in mind if you are expecting an order dispatch message.

2. If you have received a tracking number/or shipment message from Bring (Norway) or DHL (International) but you have not had any updates on the tracking link for a while. Please contact Bring/DHL and refer to the tracking number that they have provided.

Chances are they are more informed about the shipment status than us. But if Bring/DHL recommends you to contact us, please do not hesitate to do so. You can always contact and we will happily help you out.

Where can I find my tracking information?

If your order has left our warehouse, you should have received a tracking notification from Bring (Norway) or DHL (Rest of the world). If you have yet to receive a notification about shipping, the order is probably in the queue to be packed and sent and the tracking information should be provided by the shipping company shortly.

The tracking link is not updated.

If the tracking-link is not updated, sometimes this shipping and tracking information is delayed from Bring and DHL, and this is in most cases completely normal. But if this takes more than a few days please contact Bring/DHL and refer to the tracking number that they have provided.

Chances are they are more informed about the shipment status than us. But if Bring/DHL recommends you to contact us, please do not hesitate to do so. You can always contact us at and we will happily help you out.

Do I have to pay customs or taxes?

All orders from Camilla Pihl Fashion Group are shipped DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)*. This means that the cost of customs/tax is included in the shipping price you see during checkout.
You will not receive any additional customs or tax after you’ve placed your order.

*This does not apply to orders placed in Switzerland. You will not be charged with EU-VAT during checkout but will have to pay import-taxes to the carrier for the package to be delivered.

Can I pick up my order in your stores?

At the moment this is not a possibility, but we are working on a solution for a pick-up in-store which will be available in near future.

Can I cancel or modify my order?

If you wish to cancel or change something in your order, please email us at as soon as you can. If your order is already processed at the warehouse, we can't cancel your order. Please note that we can't add products to your order.

My order was canceled, what happens to my payment?

If money has been taken from your account even though your order was unsuccessful or got canceled, this amount has only been reserved by your bank and will automatically bounce back to your account within 2-5 working days.

If the amount was withdrawn from your account instead of bouncing back, please contact us and we will check this for you.


I received a faulty item at the arrival of my order. What now?

If a product you ordered is damaged upon arrival, we need you to contact us at within 7 days after the arrival of this order.

– Please mark the Subject in the mail/form: “Faulty item upon arrival and your order number.

– Please include pictures of the problem with the product and pictures of the “Price tag” still being intact and attached to the product.

– Leave as much information in the description field so we can get a good overview of the situation.

I have a complaint about a product.

First of all, we are so sorry to hear about this. We need to take a look at the faulty product, so please contact regarding the issue, and we will find a way to help you. Please do not return the product without our consent.

– Please mark the subject in the mail with «Faulty/Reklamasjon and your order number.

– Please include pictures of the problem with your product.

– Leave as much information in the description field so we can get a good overview of the situation.

We do not have any standard practices for compensation or handling of accepted claims.
It is important for us to solve claim and defect cases with creative and sustainable solutions which make our customers happy and satisfied, so please let us know if you have any good ideas for us to help you with your faulty product.

I have a complaint about a Camilla Pihl product purchased from another Camilla Pihl retailer.

We do not handle complaints regarding Camilla Pihl products that are not purchased at please contact the store you bought the item in for assistance.

Different retailers have different policies regarding complaints and faulty products.
So, if a product is purchased from another place than you will have to contact the place of purchase regarding the issue, as we cannot comment on another store/retailer’s policies for complaints or claims.

I received the wrong item.

If you received the wrong product, we need you to contact us at

– Please mark the Subject in the mail/form: “Wrong item and your order number.

– Please include pictures of the item you received.

– Leave as much information in the description field so we can get a good overview of the situation.


How do I find the right size or fit?

You can view our size guide here.

As many pieces are designed in a unique way, we advise you to view the specific garment lengths and measurements provided in the size guide underneath each product to get the perfect fit.

What quality can I expect?

Quality is very important to us, and we strive to make classics and wardrobe essentials that are made to last.

With the right care, our products can remain a part of your wardrobe for years. Please read our full guide for care here.

How should I care for my garment?

How to care for your products depends on the material they are made form. We have a detailed guided for different materials we are offering here.

What does "Relaxed Fit" mean?

Some of our styles are intended to fit a little more oversized than you may be used to. If we recommend sizing up or sizing down, we’ll let you know in the product description. We encourage you to take your usual size. Email us anytime for styling or fit advice.

Do you offer bigger sizes than XL?

As a result of your feedback, we are working to expand our size offerings in the near future.


I cant find/select my country when checking out

You can select what country you are shopping from/to in our menu.

Please select the correct country, to make your country of choice available in the checkout.



If you are still having issues checking out, please try one of the following steps:

1. Try to delete/remove your internet Cookies and caches.
2. Please try to switch the device which you are using.
3. please try to check out with a different internet browser from which you are currently using.
4. Please try to open the internet browser in "Private mode/Incognito mode".

If none of the solutions above seems to help please contact

I have signed up for Camilla Pihl Newsletter but doesn't receive any.

If you have signed up for our newsletter before and then unsubscribed for our newsletter, signing up again can be difficult. Because of GDPR it's very restricted to who we can send out marketing to.

Please contact so we can resolve this issue.

I cant sign in to my account

We are currently experiencing issues with the login platform and we are working on this. Please email for assistance with your orders.

Do I get to keep the discount when making a return?

If you have used a discount code when placing an order, and choose to return your item / order, the discount code cannot be used again.

Why isn't my discount code working?

The code must be entered exactly the same way as you received it.

Please note that discount codes usually have rules for example, only on full-priced items. It's not possible to combine several discount codes in the same order.

Can I use a discount code after I placed my order?

No, unfortunately, we can't add any discount codes to an order that has already been confirmed.


Can I buy a gift card online?

Currently gift cards can only be bought and used in our stores.

Where can I visit one of your stores?

You can see a full list of our Camilla Pihl Concept Stores here.
We also provide a store locator list of all retailers who carry Camilla Pihl here.

We hope to see you soon!

I have sent an e-mail, when will I receive a reply from customer service?

Our customer service team operates during business hours on Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm. If you have sent an email, please allow up to 2 - 3 business days to receive a response from our team.

How do I contact you for an influencer collaboration?

For all collaboration inquiries, please email our PR team at

My friend gifted me Camilla Pihl pieces, can I exchange it for something else?

Please email us at with your order number. We’d be happy to help you to exchange the gift. Please note that we can only help you with gifts bought at with the order number and is within a reasonable return period. We cannot give you a refund for gifts.

How do I apply for open vacancies at Camilla Pihl?

We will post detailed information on our career page as soon as we have an open position. Feel free to follow us on social media to get the latest updates.